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about firangi
Cast :-
Directed By :- Rajeev Dhingra
Co-Produced By :- Kapil Sharma
Release Date :- The film is all set to release in theaters on 24 November 2017
In the year 1920, when India's freedom movement was gaining momentum, one man firmly believed that the Britishers were not as bad as they were being made out to be
Firangi is an upcoming 2017 Bollywood Comedy Drama movie. The Film is Directed By Punjabi Films Director Rajeev Dhingra. In the film Kapil will be playing the lead role opposite film ‘Drishyam’ actress Ishita Dutta.
Talking about his character, he said, “He just wants to work for his family. Then he falls in love with a girl and understands that if he wants to be with her, he needs to work and finally gets a job with the britishers. But then he gets to know that his grandfather doesn’t like anyone or anything, who or which, is related with Britishers. So my character is trapped.”


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Firangi Movie Story

The story of the movie presented by the name of the movie. This adventure is about the NRI girl and a child from the village. Most of the film’s filming is in Punjab and Rajasthan. The movie will be released in the middle of the year 2017. Anyway, this is a predicted story, nobody knows the actual script besides the cast and crew

Firangi movie reviews

After the success movie is kisko Pyaar Karun Kapil Sharma started a new movie firangiFirangi a resolve around a  romantic tale between a village bumpkin.
Kapil has a good sense of humor and joke Kapil 1st movie kis kisko Pyaar Karun it’s very entertaining movie to all of the fans.kapil has a good sense of humor and joke Kapil 1st movie kis kisko Pyaar Karu it’s very entertaining movie to all of the fans.
All fans to wait for firangi. The movie firangi is release on 2017 date has not confirmed. All updates and box office collection for firangi upload soon. it has been rumored that indian American model and actress Monica Gill will also be playing the lead role in firangi.
as you all know that Kapil is a very skilled person and the good actor and he is good in singing as per resources in the upcoming movie Kapil is going to sing a song

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"Film was too lengthy..needed 25 mins of edit..first hve too slow same story drags into the second half..some turning points..comedy only last 20 mins..romantic scenes were drab..kapil underplayed n justice to his role ishika is coy..English actor is terrific so is kumud sahu as the selfish king..even a heist plot is is zero..prodn n performances by others attaullah kha etc superbly done editor was sleeping..average yet childish screenplay n direction"
" Nice movie.Must see film. One thing I want to ask you Kapil that why are you not starting comedy show?This is the only program,our family see on TV otherwise daughter busy in studies and we are busy on smartphone. Pls start and bring smile on our faces"
" The story of the movie is decent and creative thinking by the director. Would be a delight for Kapil Sharma Fans on seeing him after a long time on big screens...kapil has performed his role well.Nice movie.. one time watch.."
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